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The secret to a good Podcast, Twitch, or YouTube stream is—drumroll please—solid audio...The go-to mic for those in the know (that won’t break the bank) is Blue’s Yeti.

– PC World

“This microphone puts you one step closer to YouTube stardom.”

– Men's Health on Nessie

Voice recording fidelity that many podcasters would be wise to aspire to.”

– GameRant on Snowball

Perfect for a home-recording setup

– PC Mag on Yeti

Improve the quality of your podcasts with this stylish USB microphone

– Tech Radar on Snowball

The Snowball has stood as the standard for many podcasters.

– The Next web

Whenever podcasters gather (often at sci-fi or technology conventions, for example), it is not usual to see tables full of MacBooks and Blue Snowball or Yeti mics in use -- its as close to a standard as non-pro podcasters get.

– MacNN

[Short version] its as close to a standard as non-pro podcasters get.

– MacNN on Snowball

Limited Time Offer!

yeti Broadcaster

Make the podcast you've been dreaming about.

Yeti is now available with Journalist—a powerful software application designed specifically for podcasting and broadcast production. For years, podcasters have been searching for software that’s easy to use but not overly simplified, powerful but not overly complex. Journalist is the software we’ve been waiting for, and it’s now available with Yeti—the world’s #1 USB microphone. This limited time bundle is only available on the Blue web store.


Los micrófonos Blue USB proporcionan audio de alta calidad y un manejo sin esfuerzo para que usted esté todo el tiempo en la zona creativa. Una configuración sencilla, componentes calibrados a mano e intuitivas características incorporadas garantizan unos resultados de calidad radiofónica para cualquier aplicación. Ponga un micro Blue USB en su podcast, Twitch, YouTube o estudio de voice-over y consiga resultados profesionales en segundos.


Los micros de estudio Blue le permiten crear con las herramientas de los profesionales de las principales cadenas mundiales. Con componentes fabricados a medida y calibrados con gran precisión y diseños inspiradores nacidos de nuestra rica herencia innovadora, los micros Blue proporcionan una calidad suprema para cualquier aplicación. Además, cada micrófono ofrece un sello sonoro exclusivo que favorece a los distintos timbres y cadencias de voces, avivando la vibrante tonalidad de la voz de cada locutor.


En estos últimos años los podcasts se han convertido en la nueva plataforma más popular para las narraciones, compartir ideas, y construir comunidades. Nos honra ser capaces de dar soporte a individuos y organizaciones que están creando los programas que nos atraen, informan e inspiran.

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Great for musicians, singers, podcasters, or just a really silky-sounding Google hang.”

– Yeti

extremely popular among podcasters, at-home audio pros, and generally well loved

– Lifehacker on Snowball

Both beginners and professionals share the need for a simple and easy auxiliary microphone; Nessie is the product you have been looking for!

– Videomaker Magazine

After you’re done live streaming on Twitch, you can do some voice over work for your YouTube videos, host a podcast…

– GameCrate on Yeti

If you’re into music, podcasts, voice over or just about anything you want to record then look no further than the Blue Yeti USB mic

– Geek Invaders

For the mobile musician, podcaster, or voiceover artist, this is going to be a great portable tool.”

– 9 to 5 Mac on Spark Digital

Blue’s Snowball is a great choice for recording spoken word and music, and makes a great addition to any recording studio

– professional or home. (Mac Observer)